Media = Government Collusion, continuation of the story of Those Who Oppose Scientology

There remains one illuminating point to the FDA fiasco. It involves the enlistment by the FDA of The Saturday Evening Post and their star feature writer, James Phelan.

After being approached by the AMA to do a story on Scientology, the Post assigned the piece to Phelan, who traveled to England to interview Mr. Hubbard. He was warmly welcomed and assisted in every manner possible, as befits a seemingly interested and unbiased journalist, which is how he represented himself.

That Phelan was anything but that was borne out by two facts:

Immediately upon his return to Washington and before the story was published, he gave his story to the FDA for coordination purposes; and, the resulting story was a hatchet job of the first order-an unrestrained attempt to smear both Mr. Hubbard and Scientology, obviously a flanking action to the FDA’s attempted case against use of the E-Meter.

Phelan was followed by many others-a long string of stories through the years, concocted to create a climate conducive to governmental harassment. It was a similar pattern to that which occurred in Germany in the 1930s-the very successful media actions to create public “indignation” that would legitimize not only the most blatant violations of civil rights, but, indeed, the Holocaust.

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